Who We Are

  NetNoggin®, a subsidiary of Conger Consulting, LLC, is a premier market research agency that specializes in pharmaceutical marketing. NetNoggin® has expertise in market research; commercial, market, and clinical development; and communications to provide reliable research, presentations, and workshops. NetNoggin® utilizes netnography to analyze and provide context to Big Data. Our proprietary process derives strategic consulting insights from Big Data to inform Foundational Marketing Tools (FMTs), strategies, and tactics. 

How Our Research Fits into Your Development Cycle

  NetNoggin® can support your product development throughout its entire life cycle. We provide multiple solutions to every phase of your product’s journey to give your product the best opportunity in the market. 


NetNoggin® Offerings

 We offer disease-focused research and custom research giving you insights from clinical literature, Big Data, and patient/caregiver voice.

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NetNoggin® Difference

 We understand the application of netnography and how to bridge the gap between the disease, the market, and the patient/caregiver voice. 

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NetNoggin® Value

  We bring context to Big Data and transform it into actionable insights for your product development and foundational marketing tools. 

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