Exploratory Analysis

What is an exploratory analysis?

NetNoggin® conducts exploratory studies related to current market events and unique insights in a specific therapeutic area. The exploratory analyses are inspired by research found in NetNoggin's syndicated market research reports, NetNog: #genesis®. All exploratory analyses are complimentary to those who work in the pharmaceutical and/or healthcare industry. Request the full report for our newest exploratory analysis below! To receive archived exploratory analyses, contact us


Newest Exploratory Analysis: NASH/NAFL 2020 Outlook

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Archived Exploratory Analyses

Alzheimer’s Drug Failures

This exploratory study revealed that among those impacted by Alzheimer's, hope of finding a cure is deflating due to recent clinical trial failures. This exploration was a combination of secondary analysis and primary netnographic research. Findings for this explanatory analysis was published on the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease blog. 

HCP Needs in the NASH Market

This exploratory study revealed healthcare providers (HCPs) in the nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), including nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFL), market have multiple unmet needs within:

  • Research of NASH (including NAFL), 
  • Pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), 
  • Diagnosis and screening, 
  • Treatment and management protocols, and 
  • Education and awareness for patients and the general community.

In addition, one controversial need debated by HCPs is whether or not pharmacotherapies will solve the NAFLD epidemic. Within the spectrum of beliefs on this subject, most HCPs suggest pharmacotherapies are not needed to cure the disease.

Psychographics for TRIKAFTA™

 In our complimentary exploratory analysis: “Psychographics for TRIKAFTA™, the new treatment by Vertex for patients with cystic fibrosis”, we analyzed big data to better understand attitudes and beliefs from patients and caregivers regarding the approval of TRIKAFTA™ in the cystic fibrosis market.