Syndicated Disease-Focused Market Research


 NetNog: #genesis® NASH (including NAFL) is offered as a syndicated market research report and is available!


 NetNog: #genesis® Alzheimer's (including MCI) is offered as a syndicated market research report and is available! 


NetNog: #genesis® Cystic Fibrosis is offered as a syndicated market research report or a condensed version, which contains five patient/caregiver journeys (NetNog: #genesis® Cystic Fibrosis Patient and Caregiver Journeys)

If you are in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, you may qualify to receive a complimentary Market Overview of our completed NetNog: #genesis® research. 

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NetNog: #genesis® helps align clinical trial design with your commercialization strategy so you have a higher ROI for your product. We contextualize consumer experiences by moving beyond the algorithm. NetNog: #genesis® delivers syndicated, ethnographic-quality research, which includes elements of NetNog: #buy® and NetNog: #talk®. A NetNog: #genesis® research report includes: 


The overview summarizes key findings, multi-media representations of the patient, and most common lexicon associated with the condition.

Market Overview

 Market overview critically reviews epidemiology, pathophysiology, and a patient journey as defined by guidelines. 

Dashboard Analytics

 Dashboard analytics offers a summation of the digital landscape by analyzing conversation volumes by social channels and top posters. 

Netnographic Findings

Netnographic findings is NetNoggin's specialty. This section reports on patient and caregiver expressed journeys, outcomes, emotions, HCP interactions, resources, and more!


The insights section compares what should be happening (guidelines) in the market to what patients/caregivers are saying is happening, as well as patient expressed unmet needs.

Next Steps

After the purchase of NetNog: #genesis® research, NetNoggin® creates a customized presentation tailored to the needs and pain points of that specific company. 


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