If you are in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, you may qualify to receive a free market overview of our completed NetNog: #genesis® research. 

Disease-Focused Market Research


We contextualize consumer experiences by moving beyond the algorithm. NetNog: #genesis® provides a disease state overview and ethnographic-quality research that includes elements of NetNog: #buy® and NetNog: #talk®. NetNog: #genesis® research includes:

  • Secondary research for a baseline understanding of the market
  • Dashboard analytics for a basic overview of the social media marketspace
  • Insights into real world patient and caregiver lexicon, unmet needs, treatment flow process, journey, and reported outcomes
  • Recommendations to solve gaps and utilize leverage points
  • Guidance on how to use NetNog: #genesis® market research for the next steps in product development




Other conditions coming soon!

If you do not see your therapeutic area of interest in our NetNog: #genesis® products, just contact us!



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